Summer Camp for Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired

Choral Music 2014 Composed by Duy Bui and Nick Martinez

Words by counselors-in-training and campers.

I Hear

I hear the calming wind
I hear the chirping birds
and that’s where I found the music
I hear the silence
I feel the rhythm of life
and I hear music within me.
If you listen, you can hear it
If you’re still, you can feel it.
I hear the trees move
I hear the whisper of chimes
Will you come and listen with me
We’ll hear the birds calling
as we begin our day
And we’ll make music together.
Listen to Your Song
Search for the melody within you
Feel the rhythm of your body and the beat of your heart
Come together and sing as one
Carry on the rhythm within
As you reach for your dreams
Find your voice that was meant to sing
And when you’re afraid, take a breath and listen
Listen to your song and when you can sing along.

Music of the Rain

Can you hear the falling rain
Like footsteps in the night
And can you hear the thunder
Drumming to your song?
Can you feel the moving wind
While you stand in the rain
Can you still sing the music
Music of the rain?
I’ll be there for you (I’ll be there for you)
We will sing together (we will, we will sing together, we will sing together and the
stars will come
Can you feel light of the sun that warms you in your heart?
And falling rain,
Can be the, music of my soul
We will sing the song of hope
to show us where to go
Do you believe the music, music of the rain.

We Will Sing

Let’s sing the voices of hope
All over the land
I know when we sing together
We will find what we truly need
And happiness will come
When we stand together and sing
We believe in the people
We believe in the music of our hearts

Let’s sing the voices of peace all over the world
We sing for tomorrow when the sun is behind the clouds
and the light will come to us from within
We believe in our voices as we sing for the people of the world.

Dedication to Duy – Piano Man

It’s 7:00 on a Friday night
Campers slowly file in
There are counselors sitting next to us
And we are all just close as kin
We say Duy can you play us a melody
We’re not really sure how it goes
It’s got funk and pizazz and all of that jazz
And Duy you can play and compose
La la la di da da
La la di di dum
Play us a song you’re the piano man
Play us a song tonight
While were all still at camp Inter-Actions
You are our inner light
La la la di da da
La la di di dum
Down by the volleyball court
Where the piano man plays his games
He swings like a mad man to hit the ball
And his legends have come to fame
Down by the field and waterfront
The piano man’s music fills the air
And when we hear the piano man’s music
About anything else we don’t care
La la la di da da
La la di di dum
Play us a song you’re the piano man
Play us a song tonight
While we’re all still at Camp Inter-Actions
You are our inner light

About Us

We are a non-profit organization providing summer camping and recreational programming for children who are blind or visually impaired.