Summer Camp for Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired

camp inter-actions
Dear Friend,
We appreciate your support towards camp every year. We look forward to coming to camp every year. We look forward to coming to camp and making new friends. We are grateful for your contributions that allow us to enjoy our activities. Some of these activities include arts and crafts, fishing, swimming, boating, and music. Our cabin in particular loves arts and crafts. Our end of camp talent show is always a blast! Being at camp also allows us to discover who we really are. We learn new and important life skills like independence and socializing while at camp. Also because we’re with people like us, it is easier to learn mobility skills. Thank you for making Camp Inter-Actions possible every year.
The Seagull Cabin August 2014

Dear Friend,
We would like to thank you for all that you have done to make Camp Inter-Actions possible. Thanks to you we have been able to meet other blind and visually impaired people, musical opportunities, and play adapted sports. Learning to do things, that normally requires sight, and having a camp in a blind friendly environment. The relationships we have at camp last a lifetime. All these things could not have been done without your support. Thank you again fro being a friend of Camp Inter-Actions. Your generosity has impacted all of us greatly.
Your Friends,
The Ravens Cabin August 2014

Dear Friend,
We would like to thank you for a great summer at Camp Inter-Actions! Thanks to you, we can see and make new friends that we wouldn’t have met otherwise.
We’ve become a close-knit family, all campers, CIT’s, and counselors. As CIT’s we get to watch the campers learn and grow. We learn from them just as much as they learn from us, and we are grateful for this amazing opportunity you have given us. Because of your generous donations, we have been able to run activities such as beep kick ball, running, field sports, and more. At the end of camp, all that the campers have accomplished in music is show cased through a talent show. A great end to camp! Thank you for making camp possible.
The Owls August 2014

Below you can read some feedback from our campers!

“Camp was so much fun! I felt I could really relate to the others here who are also visually impaired. I made a lot of new friends. I look forward to coming back next year!”
~ Camper, age 12

“Thank you for opening new doors for us and helping us to realize how much we can do.
~ Campers, Summer 2005

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a counselor at Camp Inter-Actions.The camp has allowed me to express my creativity, develop strong leadership skills and meet so many new people…”
~ College Student

Collection of Camp Haikus:
Every single year
I look forward to camp
filled with excitement
I think of my friends
And all of the fun I have
Playing volleyball
Not caring who wins
A long walk to the water
Is worth it I think
To laugh, boat, and swim
We love to express ourselves
We do arts and crafts
Painting, drawing, clay
Creativity expressed
We all love to sing music is in us
Voices blend in harmony
I listen to you
I write what I feel
With all the beautiful words
So we tell the world
Use our hands to build
Things that we can be proud of
Hard work in woodshop
We have energy for hikes and exercise too
For morning fit club
Friendships are made here
Carefree, joy, pure happiness
All smiling faces
Can’t tell you what it feels like
Laughing till I cry
Of course we love camp
Friends and fun and freedom too
Camp Inter-Actions.

Pines: A Day at Camp

The loud bell begins our day at camp Inter-Actions. YAY!
Breakfast brings the camp together and starts the day despite the weather.
You throw the ball. You cast the line and hope that it will be received.
You take materials and build something with everyone.
Music and boating are very serine.
They calm the mind and give us peace.
Dinner and dessert fill us with joy especially the blondies and cookies.
Oh boy!
At night we may have a camp fire
At which we have s’mores that we desire.
Later on a book is read. Then we close our eyes and go to bed.

Maples–Peace at Camp

Swimming tasted cold as the wind blew over water
Like tears falling from the eyes of the sky.
Boats clanked against the dock and headed out
While mountains came up and you will have to climb
over them to get back to our cabins.
As I was fishing I felt like I was putting my
life force into the water and having a fish grab onto it.
This is music to me, when all of our voices joined together.

August 2011

Dear Friend,
Camp was especially enjoyable this year.  Music is always an integral part of a great summer. This year, with the help of our ever enthusiastic teacher Duy Bui, we were able to prepare ten songs ranging from jazz to pop to African beat.  It was very exciting to have New Hampshire Public Radio come to record us.
Every year we look forward to what new music will bring us together.  It’s so great to make beautiful music together with the people we love.
Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity.
The Elms cabin

August, 2011

Dear Friend,
When we first get out of our parents cars when we arrive at camp, we are all very excited to see everyone. We all look forward to seeing all of our old friends and making new friends and we all love to do the wonderful activities here, which you make possible.  From morning to evening all of us have days full of joy.  Many of us enjoy the campfire where we sing campfire songs and eat yummy s’mores.  The waterfront here provides us with many activities such as swimming, fishing, boating.
Every single camper enjoys singing and learning new songs which we perform for our peers and at the talent show for our family.  The food here is incredibly delicious, especially dessert.  This year, our fit club was improved with adaptive exercise equipment such as talking pedometers and exercise bands.
All of this would not be possible without you.  Camp is something we all look forward to every year and without your generous donations we would not be able to be here.
Thanks a million.
The Pines and Pinecones cabins

Camp is my family away from home.  The campers and counselors are comforting.  Kathy our cook is amazing!  I love camp so much, I wrote a poem about it.

Camp is a place where friends can meet, catch up, and bond.
With counselors, activities, and food as well,
Camp is the one place to be.
From week one to week three,
From morning to night, fun is found everywhere.
Showing smiles ear to ear,
Fun is why we are here!
This camp is fun and I hope more people come.


I Wish… By Camp Inter-Actions

I wish for peace
I wish people could look past other’s differences
I wish for the stars to shine brightly so I may see them
I wish that everyone could overlook the exterior of a person and become friends
I wish I could fly
I wish for all the orphans to find a home
I wish that I could help create the future
I wish that I could have all the answers
I wish ice cream fell instead of snow
I wish the earth would stay green


Dear Friend,

Camp has been amazing this year! We would like to thank you for your part in helping out. Every year has gotten better and better.

Between the water carnivals, campfires, music, and arts and crafts, woodshop, journaling, and the amazing food, what’s not to like?!

We have wonderful counselors and campers. This is a great time for all of us to come together, have fun, and meet other kids who understand our difficulties. Among these people we have made lifelong friends with whom we built great memories.

Nobody will forget the amazing time we had at the talent show, when everybody showed off their special talents.

Camp Inter-Actions has been one of the best experiences we have ever had, and something we look forward to each year.

Thank you for your contributions.

Love, the Elms Cabin


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for making our camp experience possible. We enjoyed such activities as woodshop, boating, swimming, sports and music; all of which your contributions have made possible. We are always excited to meet new friends here and inter-act in ways that we cannot at home. As helpers to younger campers this experience has greatly developed our leadership skills and confidence in our abilities.

There are few places that we can truly express ourselves, and we truly appreciate the opportunity of coming back each year.

Thank you so much and we greatly appreciate all you do for us.

The Mighty Oaks Cabin – Counselors in Training


Camp Inter-Actions

I nteresting people
N ever boring
T alented campers
E verything you love and more
R est at siesta

A mazing activities
C ampfire fun
T asty food
I n the lake we swim and boat
O pen up the folding canes
N ailing wood together
S inging songs and having a blast!

By, Erik


Sestina by the Maples Cabin

Communication begins with a single voice
Bravery resides in every being’s heart
Young minds are filled with questions
Those who are less fortunate than us have hope
Every person needs a helping hand
Help the children of the future

I do not question
Let’s focus on the future
We must not give up hope
Let the world hear your voice
Listen to the open heart
Let us walk hand in hand
You’ll be in our hearts
We long for peace and hope
We can have a bright and shining future
We can stand together hand in hand
Can you answer my question?
We share one common voice


At the Waterfront

A parody by the Elms cabin to the tune of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah

I heard there was a waterfront
Just a quarter mile down the road
Where the Inter-Actions campers play in water
It goes like this, ya boat ya swim
You climb on the dock, ya jump back in
Then the whistle blows and you must find your buddy

At the waterfront, at the waterfront
At the waterfront, at the wa-aa-terfront

The life jackets are really bright
They’re uncomfortable and rather tight
But they will keep you safe if you end up sinking
The campers line up one by one
To get in the canoes to have some fun
Then they all paddle to the island
The campers take their swimming tests
They try to do their very best
But the campers don’t really care for it do they
And even when you fail the test
The noodles are there to do the rest
And the non swimmers sit and build sand castes

And then when all is said and done
We go up the hill, we have to run
Because the clouds of rain are coming to attack us
We see the golf cart passing by
We look desperate and beg for rides
But they ride on leaving us broken hearted

At the waterfront, at the waterfront
At the waterfront, at the wa-aa-terfront

Dear Friend,

I thank you for your contribution to camp. Camp is one of the things I look forward to every year. My favorite activities are arts and crafts and music. I especially like the campfires because we sing songs and eat s’mores. Fit club is fun and it is important to exercise every day.

Once again, thanks so much for helping me come to camp this year.



Willows cabin


Dear Friend,

Thank you for all you have done to make it possible to make it so I can come to camp. Camp means so much to me. It makes me feel like everyone else. I am so grateful for all you have done to make camp possible.

One of my favorite things to do is field sports, boating, swimming, and wood working. And you made that all possible.

Thank you again.


Acorn cabin

About Us

We are a non-profit organization providing summer camping and recreational programming for children who are blind or visually impaired.